Conservative for Texas House District 8

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About Me

As a small business owner, I’ve worked hard to build a business, provide for my family and contribute to our economy. As a sixth-generation Texan, I’m proud to live in a special place that respects those values and has a commitment to freedom and economic opportunity that has made the Lone Star State the model for America.

As East Texans know, a strong economy is not built on government; it’s built from the sweat and dreams of individuals with courage and the freedom to succeed. The best government is one that empowers that freedom by getting out of the way and letting the people do what they do best: use their entrepreneurial spirit to create the jobs and growth we need.

But there are those who want to change Texas – make Austin more like Washington. As a nation, we’ve seen out-of-control spending and excessive bureaucracy cripple our business climate, force our jobs overseas and lead to one of the weakest recoveries in history. And yet for some in Austin, those same policies look like good ideas for Texas. But we know different.

I’m Bobby Vickery. I’m from here. I’m committed to your values. I’m running for State Representative because I think those values need defending. Join me and let’s keep Texas a strong model of what America could be.